What Attractions in Gloucester County New Jersey State Tourism

What Attractions in Gloucester County New Jersey State Tourism

If you’re planning a trip to Gloucester County, you’ll probably have lots of questions. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy in the county, including the Gloucester City Zoo and historic sites. There are also numerous places to see and visit, including the New Jersey State Museum. Regardless of your interests, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Gloucester County. The following are some of the top attractions you can’t miss in the area.

Located in southwestern New Jersey, Gloucester County is a popular destination for tourists. The Delaware River is located on its western border, and the area is mostly farmland. Glassboro is the county’s largest city, and it is home to Rowan University. The state’s history can be seen in the Revolutionary War battlegrounds and the historic buildings of the colonial era. For those who want a closer look at the past, there are several motels and hotels in the area.

The Center for Contemporary Art in Highlands is a great destination for art lovers. Featuring a large collection of contemporary art by emerging and established artists, this museum is one of the most visited in New Jersey. Admission is free, but a $5 donation is appreciated, as are tours and workshops. It also offers a number of classes for a fee. You’ll definitely want to take time to explore the area’s many attractions.

For those who enjoy the arts, there are plenty of places to visit. The Center for Contemporary Art is a great option for those with an interest in visual art. Located on Light House Rd. in Highlands, NJ, the Center for Contemporary Art features a wide variety of contemporary art. It also highlights works by underrepresented artists. The admission to this museum is free, though it’s a suggestion that you donate $5 for admission.

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The Twin Lights Historic Site is a must for history lovers. The Twin Lights Historic Site is located on Lighthouse Rd. in Highlands. The Twin Lights are two light towers that are non-identical. The landmarks are 200 feet above sea level and feature castle-like structures. The museum is a must-see for history buffs. The Sugar Factory is a sweet spot on the boardwalk in AC.

The Drumthwacket Historic Site is a house museum and the official residence of the New Jersey Governor. The land used to be owned by William Penn, and the mansion dates back to the early 1800s. The house is home to the Governor of the state, Charles Smith Olden. The tour is free, but you may want to purchase a ticket for the museum. If you like the sound of history, you should check out the Twin Lights Historical Site.

The Twin Lights Historic Site is a must-see for history buffs. The site is a great place to see a variety of light towers from the early 17th century to the present. The location is an excellent spot for families, and the twin lights are the perfect backdrop for a family vacation. There are many other things to do in Gloucester County. It is easy to travel to the state and to get to from all parts of the state.

The Boardwalk is the top attraction in Gloucester County. The Steel Pier Amusement Park, adjacent to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, is a must-see. The park is 1,000 feet long and packed with rides. Attractions here include teacups, bumper cars, and the “Silly Steamer.” For kids, the Sugar Factory is a great way to experience local culture.

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A visit to the New Jersey State Museum of Art is a great way to see the county’s heritage. The National Museum of Art is an incredible museum that celebrates art, and visitors will appreciate its many sculptures. Afterward, they can walk the Boardwalk and explore the historic sites along the coast. In addition to museums, the town’s museums and historical sites are well worth a visit.

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