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What Attractions in St. Mary’s County Maryland State Tourism

What Attractions in St. Mary's County Maryland State Tourism

What Attractions in St. Mary's County Maryland State Tourism

If you’re planning a trip to St. Mary’s County, Maryland, you might be wondering what attractions are nearby. The historic village of Port Tobacco is nearby. Both are quaint and historic, and are well worth a visit. The nearby Point Lookout Lighthouse, built in 1830 by John Donahoo, is one of the oldest in the U.S., as well as the largest and most haunted.

The 76-foot-long Dove, a reproduction of a mid-16th century square-rigged merchant ship, is one of the top attractions in the county. The ship was one of the two ships that brought the first settlers to Maryland. The maritime museum offers hands-on activities for children, and 3.5-mile-long walking trails recreate the views and impressions of the area as they were for the first settlers.

The Historic St. Mary’s City, which has a Native American hamlet and tall ship, is a popular destination for tourists. There are also a number of museums and historic sites, including a winery and a quaint town square. There are many historical sites, including Tudor Hall, home to the St. Mary’s County Historical Society. The Old Jail Museum is also located here.

If history is more your thing, then you’ll want to check out the Maryland Living Museum. Located on the site of the original colony, the museum lets visitors experience life in the 17th century. Attractive attractions like this provide a memorable experience for both the young and old. If you’re looking for a place to start your journey, St. Mary’s County is an excellent choice.

If you’re planning a romantic getaway, St. Mary’s County is a wonderful destination. There are a variety of attractions to choose from, including the historic sites. At the St. Clement’s Island State Park is a great location to watch a sunset. The historic city center is an ideal spot for a romantic getaway. Its waterfront location makes it a popular destination for families, couples, and couples.

The Maryland State Tourism Department offers a wide variety of attractions in St. Mary’s. There are several museums and historic sites that will be of interest to visitors. There are many places to see in this county, including the state capital. There are also many historic buildings that are worth seeing. The historical landmarks in the city are not the only attractions to explore, however. In addition to the historic sites, the museums are also a great place to visit if you want to see how life in the past was.

You can also visit St. Mary’s City. It was the first capital of Maryland in 1633. Its beautiful bayfront and historical buildings are worth visiting. There is a replica of the ship of the first settlers and an archeological museum on the site of the state legislature. The brick state houses are a great choice for your Maryland holiday. A guided tour of the area is also available.

A visit to the HSMC is an excellent way to get a taste of the county’s history. The exhibits here include a replica of the Dove, the ship that brought the English settlers to the state in 1634. The historic district in St. Mary’s City is a living history museum, with many fascinating artifacts and displays to see. The site is also home to the first monument in the English colonies. The Sotterly Plantation is a popular spot for annual events.

There are several things to do in St. Mary’s County. If you’re interested in history, you can visit Mennonite and Amish communities and enjoy the many horse-drawn buggies. If you’re a history buff, you can visit the historic sites of the state’s colonial capital. You can also explore the Potomac River and St. Mary’s City.

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